This is me, Olivia!

Hello world! It’s me, Olivia and my mom Jenn. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my page. I’m 7 years old and this page is all about my fun adventures traveling and cooking with my mom, dad and little brother and also my STYLE. My mom travels a lot for work, so it is great when I get to go with her and explore (while she is working!).

I learn a little differently from many other kids and need support to help me along the way, so on this page we keep our eyes out for useful tips and hints when working with kids of all abilities.

Me and My Baba
Me & My Baba

I am always in Target or Toys R Us (my mom says it’s where her paycheck goes to retire!), or finding new and unique products from companies that I can use to learn something new, or show off my fashion side. I call them Olivia’s top trends.

I have a little brother named Paulie who you’ll see often, sometimes he’s more like my little bother…. and a baby brother James Adam who lives in heaven. Then its my mom, dad and lots of grandparents and aunts. We all get together for Sunday brunch every single week and have a feast. You’ll be seeing LOTS of food pictures. We love to eat.


So to sum up, here’s my 7 year old value proposition:

  • Why visit?
    Because I’m 7 and have a big point of view on traveling, food and fashion.
  • What can you expect from my site?
    This page is my voice. My mom helps me write cause she types faster and sometimes I need help getting my words out. You can expect to see lots of pics of food, travel, fashion and my friends along with useful tips which hopefully inspire you as they have inspired me.
  • If you are a company, why should I review your product?
    Because I’m honest, and I love to have fun with everything I do!

That’s all about me- thanks for stopping by!

About Mom

Olivia & Jenn

Hi, I’m Jenn, the typist behind Olivia. It’s true that she has a big personality and an even bigger point of view. To Olivia accepting someone in her life in 5 minutes is like she has been your friend for life. You’ll come to know that on this page.

I’m a working mom in a working mom routine. Get up, go to work, pay bills and hope that you are raising a socially responsible, strong and compassionate leader with a clear point of view to help run our world in future years. It’s not always easy, but we do the best we can. Every so often there’s a sign we are doing something right- so we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Enjoy the page.