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5 of the cutest DIY valentine’s day gifts for your friends

Woo hoo! Valentine’s day is nearly here and I love this time of year (I’m a poet!). If you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter page you know I love to use hearts and smiles and anything that makes me spread love and happiness around. That’s why around this time of year I like giving my friends a special something to show I care about them and I especially love making the gifts myself. I’ve compiled this list of some great ideas for you to make your valentine’s day gifts extra special and I made sure my list is affordable, simple, fun to make and most importantly super cute!

Me and my mom have searched high and low for my absolute favorite DIY Valentine’s day gifts for your friends (and family!). We’ve teamed up with the most super fabulous crafters to get a sneak peek into what they created for this very special holiday. We’ve included gifts that come in all different shapes and sizes, I know you will love them just as much as I do. And the best part, I’ve tried to make each one of them- so they are 7 year old tested and APPROVED!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Framed button heart
If you are like me, you know someone who loves hearts AND buttons. This craft only requires 4 things- glue, paper, a frame and BUTTONS! I love this craft because it was so simple to do, and I got to pick colors that went with each friends personality. I even made a small heart for my brother…. and that was all in blue!

This craft took me 30 minutes and I was able to do it all myself. My mom drew the heart so I knew where to stay within the lines.

Check out Carrie Elle’s blog on how to make this super cute picture frame for your bestie!

Take me to Carrie Elle’s blog!

Melted Crayon hearts
My little brother Paulie has so many crumbled and broken bits of old crayon lying around that when me and mom saw this idea we knew right away we were going to include it. This craft really only required 2 things- crayons and a silicone thingy. I was able to gather the crayons myself, but the hard part was microwaving it. You def want an adult with you.

Except for the microwaving part I was able to do this craft all by myself. My mom even bought a flower shaped thingy to try next time.

Check out Melissa’s blog on how to do it!

Take me to Melissa’s blog!

Valentines friendship bracelets
Me and my friends love making friendship bracelets.  2 years ago we made a ton of loom bracelets and ever since then we really like to see what kind of designs we can come up with and trade them. Me and mom thought this bracelet was interesting because it used paper in the center. I loved that I could put my friends names on it too. I wasn’t able to make this one by myself but it was fun to try. I’ve linked to a template on if you need some help, and here’s a link on how to make super good friendship bracelets.

Take me to Little Star’s blog!

Now for the treats! I know, I know, last months blog was all about cutting down on sugar, but this is a special day, and hopefully you’ve been really good with the sugar so you can give yourself and your friends a little treat with these sweet ideas!

Heart cookie pops
My mom loves to bake and I knew she would like this type of treat. They were soon yummy. I know I totally deserve these becasue I’ve been so good at eating healthy recently, and I know my friends deserve one too! I really love the finishing touch of presenting them in a glass full of pink and red m&ms, but you don’t have to do that, I think just a cookie pop per friend is treats enough!

I was able to do the measuring and mixing all by myself, and had mom with me to help with the oven! But you KNOW I had to be in charge of all the decorating!

Check out the glorious treats blog to find out how to make them! (And I totally agree that anything with pink and sprinkles is better!)

Take me to Glorious Treats blog!

Buttermint hearts (permission granted)
I love these cute little buttermints, and the best thing about them is you can put them in your decorated mason jars (see idea below), so no need to buy candies at all! Jen at magical mess did a great job with the tutorial so check it out!

Take me to Jenn’s blog!

You might be asking what I used to deliver all my fun crafts and treats in (beside the framed heart)….wellllllll, here’s a bonus. I used decorated mason jars!

Take me to Jessica’s blog!

I love this DIY mason jar post…It’s so creative, simple and easy to do all by myself! I love how each little candie has its own message to go with it.

Check out Jessica Anne’s blog to find out how to make them.

I hope you have liked my 5 (and 1 bonus) DIY Valentine’s day treats for your friends post. If you make any of the treats listed come back and share a photo!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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