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Forget toothpaste, this is vitamin paste and it is so good!

(Disclaimer: We were compensated for our review of this product. Everything we are saying is our honest opinion.)

From Mom—
Ok. Let’s be honest. Brushing teeth is not always the best time around our house. Great habit, that’s for sure, but the kids will almost do anything to get out of it. However, since we were asked to review Vitamin paste, brushing teeth just got a whole lot easier. For me, I love that it’s fluoride free, safe to swallow and when used as directed, the kids get 50% of vitamin D, E, B5, B6 and B3 (niacin). They love that it tastes great (main driver, let’s all face it) and brushing has become a hassle free process. My little one actually asked to brush his teeth tonight, and for that reason alone I could have fallen in love! I have noticed that they are stocked in many groceries around my neighborhood and offer great deals when purchasing online. Check them out at your local grocer or better yet head on over to their website. Now, let’s get to the all important kids review..

Exciting. Tastes Great. Enjoyable. I never really thought brushing my teeth was something to write about. I know it’s important, but I really don’t like the taste of grown up toothpaste, and kids ones, well, I keep swallowing it by mistake! Mom said we were asked to review vitaminpaste and let me say it has changed everything! Teeth brushing is now very fun. Let me tell you why…First, I love the rainbow color design on the bottle. It makes me feel good. Second, I really love the taste, bubblegum. Even after 1 week of using it my teeth still love the flavor. My little brother never fusses over teeth time anymore and secretly I look forward to it too! I love the fact it’s ok to swallow, and it’s pretty cool that it gives me some important vitamins for my day!


xoxo Olivia & Mom

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