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A 7 Year Old’s Trip To The Eye Doctor – and my tips for making it fun!

What’s something that many people need, some don’t have, and many refuse to wear? If you guessed glasses, you’re right! Research shows that about 20% of kids in America wear glasses! [1] In my opinion, that’s a big number of kids with the opportunity to glam up their eyewear (I find fashion everywhere!) Glasses don’t have to be boring. I am a proud new member of the glasses club and I want to tell you all about it!


(Olivia note: mom said there was NOTHING to worry about. I didn’t really believe that at first, but after I got there and met my new friends at Vision World in Farmingdale, I KNEW I had nothing to worry about. Sometimes we worry about things that aren’t so bad. Its like trying a new food, or having to take some medicine, sometimes we THINK it is going to be worse than it really is……..and it ends up not that bad!)

Back to business…..

Going to the eye doctor

An eye doctor is called and optometrist. Try saying that 5 times fast! My optometrist’s name is Dr. Christine Beers. She was really nice and helpful. I was originally scared to go into the room where they check your eyes out, but she told me that it wasn’t scary at all. She even made me laugh with her name tag that had a picture of Woodstock from the Peanuts on it.


Taking an eye exam

There were a lot of machines- wait, make that TONS of machines- that I had to sit in front of for the doctor to check my eyes. One of the tests that Dr. Beers gave me was to read letters on the wall. This was easy at first, but then it got a little harder. Dr. Beers said not to push my eyes, just relax and read as much as I could. She said there was no right or wrong answer, and that made me feel better (NO TESTS IN SUMMER!) Then, Dr. Beers looked at my eyes through microscopes so that she could see the backs of my eyes. Seeing back there helped her to determine if my eye was a healthy eye or not a healthy eye (mom was nervous here) and whether I would need glasses or not, and how my glasses needed to work in order to help me see better. There were so many machines to look at my eyes that I can’t remember the names of all of them! Check out this machine, this had a lot of different lenses that Dr. Beers put in front of my eyes. She kept flipping the lenses and asking me to tell her which one looked better. This was the easy!


The results are in – I need glasses

After having my eyes tested, Dr. Beers let me know that I DO need glasses. The next part was my favorite – she let me try on a pair of test glasses with my prescription in them. They made seeing things so much clearer! Butttttt, they looks so weird. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wear this exact pair. Dr. Beers said now the fun could begin and I could go pick out some glasses with my mom.

Mom and I went back to the front and I met Joe. Joe does something called ‘cutting’ the lenses. They take a big circle of lenses and cut them to exactly my size, my prescription and my measurements. Before Joe could cut the lenses we needed to pick the exact pairs I wanted. Joe showed me all of the different glasses that I could choose from. I tried on different pairs of glasses to see which glasses fit my face and my style the most. There were so many to choose from, and I wanted them all! Mom said I could only choose two pairs, so I had a tough decision ahead of me.


(Olivia note- mom said I spent an HOUR trying on all the glasses. There were so many colors and shapes and I wanted the right ones that fit me and my personality perfectly……let me know what you think of them!)

Next, Joe too the glasses to cut the lenses, so I had to wait a few days before I could finally have them. When we picked them up, I was excited to finally get my own glasses.


Well?? What do you think? I know they will make my style stand out so much. I love my glasses!


So here are my tips to all the moms and dads and adults and kids who are facing this same experience….. help your kids enjoy visiting the eye doctor and choose glasses they’ll love just like me! 

Like me, your child may be afraid of they eye doctor and all of their scary looking machines and dark rooms. I’m glad I had a nice doctor to tell me that there was nothing to be afraid of. Dr. Beers and my mom made my trip to the eye doctor a lot of fun. Here are my top tips on how you can make a visit to the eye doctor fun for your kids, too!


  • Explain the machines to them. When they learn about the machines and how they work, hopefully they’ll be less afraid of them. These machines looked scary! But thanks to Dr. Beers and Joe who took the time to explain the machines and the process to me, I was less afraid.
  • Let them explore. I loved trying on glasses the most. Maybe your kid will like looking at the different glasses, too. Or maybe they will like learning about eyes with the different models of how an eye works. Let them get comfortable how they want to so that the experience is memorable for them. If your kid is totally apprehensive, call and ask if you can do a walk through. Sometimes know the journey we are about to take helps us process what we will go through. Take it from me- this could work for you too!
  • Make it fun! Show your kid that you are enjoying the trip so that they can enjoy it with you! Take lots of pics and share! I would LOVE to see your new glasses. We can help each other. 🙂


Are you a kid with glasses, too? What’s your favorite part of being able to wear glasses? Share your fun glasses memories with me in the comments below.


Thanks for reading- see you next time!



PS- here’s my research source: [1]:

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