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It’s BIRTHDAY time!- Ideas to inspire you

My birthday is coming up super soon (2 days!), and I’m so excited to help plan my birthday party with my mom. Each year we try and be as creative as possible, but parties can be hard to plan sometimes. Well, that is, until now! We are making it easy here because we have a few reminders about what makes a great party.

This blog is dedicated to all thing party planning. And just like our usual we’ve filled this blog with lots of inspiring lists and photos to help making your planning super creative, super easy and super DIY.

Here’s what we are covering in this amazing birthday party blog post:

  • First- choosing a theme, I have some good ideas for those!
  • Next- FOOD! Your party also food needs to be yummy!
  • Then- games, games, game. The games you play have to be fun and should make everyone feel included and having a great time!
  • Last- PARTY BAGS! The party bags that leave everyone remembering your party with a smile on their face.
  • My brothers first birthday cake smash
  • He's soo cute!!!

Are you ready? Let’s go!


Themes can be a great way to get people excited about coming to your party, and can really help coordinate all your party items from invitations to party favors. Here are a few more themes to get your creative juices flowing……

Paint party: Have a party with pretty colors that you and your friends can make into anything that you want, like tee shirts, mugs, or glasses. A paint or craft party will let all of you be artists for the day and leave the party with your own artwork! You can even set up a gallery of your art to have all the parents see as they come to pick everyone up.

Characters: Pick a character, any character! Choose your favorite animated cartoon character for the theme of your birthday party. Shows like Paw Patrol and Doc McStuffins would be really fun. How about EMJOIS?? All of your friends could wear a costume like Dottie or police and firefighter hats like Chase and Marshall.

A party for a cause: Did you know that you can have a birthday party to help other people or animals? You could ask your guests to bring canned food instead of buying gifts. After the party, you can donate that food to people in need. It will feel great for all of you because helping people is the right thing to do. My friend Jasmine just had a party and instead of asking for any gifts, she asked for everyone to bring items to donate to the local animal shelter. I LOVED this idea. My mom and I bought canned cat food and cat treats (we are cat people).

Fashion show!: I am Oliviakplay after all! What would a party blog post be without my personal favorite, a fashion show! Get all your friends together with lots of dress up clothes, jewelry and make up (get your adults permission first!). Put on your favorite outfits, set up some music and go for it!!!


Who does’t love food???? Will pizza always be the best birthday party food of all time? Most likely. There are some different foods that you could try that you may like just as much, though! You can prep all of the food and let everyone eat, or you can turn eating into a game and activity if you let people make their own food. If you want to let your friends build their own foods, we recommend just one type, unless you’re having a food-themed party! Here are my top choices for birthday party food:

Buffet foods: I LOVE to choose what I eat, so I know my friends will like to do the same. A macaroni bar, mashed potato bar, and taco bar all sound so delicious! It’s fun to build your own plate. Put the ingredients out and let everyone choose what they want on their plate. For the macaroni and mashed potatoes, toppings like broccoli, ham, bacon, and extra cheese will make those bowls so yummy!

Make Your Own Pizza: If you really just LOVE pizza and can’t have a party without it, let everyone make their own pizza! Before the party, you and your parents can prepare toppings by putting them on different plates. Pepperoni, spinach, chicken, bacon, bell peppers, prosciutto, mushrooms, onions, and cheese are yummy pizza toppings.

At the beginning of your party, give each of your guests a pizza crust (or a biscuit as a pizza crust) and let them put their marinara sauce on and add whatever toppings they like. Let the pizzas cook while you all play one game. Once they are done, everyone can eat the personal pizza they created!

Finger foods: Make your party food easy to eat so that you can focus on what really matters – PARTYING! Chips and dip, like hummus and cheese dip, are easy to make and eat. Little smokies, veggies and ranch, meatballs, fruit skewers {insert link to healthy eating post} and sandwich roll-ups are easy to make before the party. You can also buy them already made from the store.

Decorate Cupcakes: You can buy or make plain cupcakes with icing from the bakery and purchase decorative icing, sprinkles, and more that your friends can decorate their cupcakes with. Your friends will love making their desserts pretty before they eat them.

Games & Activities

Fun games like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Tag, and Musical Chairs never get old, but it is fun to play new games, too.

Scavenger Hunt: There are so many different ways to have a fun scavenger hunt. All you need are some fun items to hide and a list or pictures to help people find them with. I love this list of Scavenger Hunt ideas from My Kids’ Adventures blog  .

Photo Booth: Help your friends remember what a great time they had at your party by creating a photo booth! Make fun props like hats, glasses, and mustaches to make funny pictures with. Take photos with your friends in the photo booth so that you can have pictures together from the party.

Round Robin Story: Write the first line out of your favorite book onto a piece of paper, and have your friends all sit in a circle and write down a new line. By the end of it, you will have an entirely new and funny story that you all made up together!

Party Favors & Swag Bags

A bag full of candy is classic, but you can do better than that! Make a party favor that matches the theme of your party. If you have a paint party, give your friends a tiny canvas, paint brush and paint to take home. It will be like the party never ends for them. They will love that they can continue painting even after the party is over. Here are some party favors and swag bag ideas that would be awesome for any type of party.

Seasonal Party Favors: Make party favors and swag bags that are full of things that your friends can use this season. If it’s summer, fill their bags with sunglasses, bubbles, a water bottle, firework poppers, and a mini sunscreen! In the fall, give them fun flavored apple cider, pencils for back-to-school time, and a beanie to keep their ears warm since it is getting cold outside. Useful favors like this will make you an unforgettable party host!

Customized Gift Bags & Party Favor Bar: Make bags with your friends’ names on them.
They can be canvas bags or drawstring bags. Write thank you notes and put one in each bag to tell your friends how happy you are that they celebrated your birthday with you.

Next, make a table with little toys, stickers, candy and favors that your friends can choose from to put in their bag. The best part is that they’ll have bags to reuse and remember your birthday party!

Craft bags: Even if your party isn’t an art themed party, swag bags with a DIY project for your friends to make are so much fun! Paint by numbers, DIY hats, sock puppets or simple science experiments would make your friends so happy to work on when they get home after your party!

I hope you like these party ideas that we’ve created! Now I have to finish getting ready for my birthday party. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes! Share with us which ideas you want to use, or tell us the party ideas that you have. See you later, and happy partying!



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