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5 Ridiculously Fun Kid Spring Fashion Trends & DIYs

If you’re excited for spring like I am, this post is just for you!  I love how warm it is outside now, and I’m ready to stop wearing sweaters and jeans.  There are flowers everywhere!  I might need to wear my rainboots a little longer.  Besides that, it is time to show off my spring style.  New clothes are fun, and  I love the bright colors that everyone wears in the springtime.  Here are MY top tips to make your spring super stylish this year!


DIY T-Shirt Designs

Making a t-shirt with your own drawings on it is fun for boys and girls.  Use fabric paint, markers, and a blank t-shirt to create fun designs.  Bow ties, flowers, aliens, cupcakes – draw whatever you want!  Add some glitter or puff paint to make it really shine!


What you’ll need:

  • A blank t-shirt
  • Fabric markers, fabric paint, and fabric glitter
  • A pencil
I love cupcakes, this is a great pattern to start with!

How to do it:

  • Wash a your new or old blank t-shirt.  Short sleeves or sleeveless shirts are great for warm days in the spring!
  • Choose a design you want to draw on your shirt, like the ones I already listed. I think I’ll choose a cupcake.
  • Use a pencil to draw your design on first, or free hand it (my aunt Sue is awesome at this!)
  • Make it even prettier with glitter fabric paint or puffy fabric paint.
  • If you make a mistake, it’s ok.  It’s pretty anyway!
  • Wear your new shirt, and tell everyone how you made it all by yourself! 🙂 This is the best part!
  • Get your friends together and have a DIY shirt fashion show! (IG your pictures and tag me @oliviakplay)


DIY Nail Polish Bobby Pins & Hair Clips

Have you ever seen SaraBeautyCorner on Instagram or Youtube? I have, and I love all her DIY’s. I watched one of her videos recently and fell in love with these bobby pin hair clips. I loved them so much I decided to make these for my friend Freya, she lives all the way in London. It was her birthday and since I don’t have a lot of money (I’m 6!) I wanted to make her something special to go along with a make up case my mom found for her. We used fingernail polish to add a pop of color to these bobby pins!  Bonus points for using nail polish that you already have at home.  That’s sustainable.   

We used pinks, purple and clear. I added some sparkles right at the end for a pop for sparkle, just like my friend Freya.

What you’ll need:

  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Clips
  • Index cards or strips of paper or a folder (my mom had an extra from work)
  • Fingernail polish
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton Balls
  • A surface you don’t mind getting dirty – we used newspaper under the folder

Look at how cool these look! They are going to look great in Freya’s hair!How to do it:

  • Gather your bobby pins and hair clips.
  • Clean them off with a cotton ball and alcohol.
  • Place a little piece of paper inside of the bobby pins and clips so that the paint doesn’t glue them closed.
  • Put the clips and bobby pins on something that you can throw away, like a paper towel or plastic table cover.
  • Paint the tops of your bobby pins and hair clips however you want!
  • Let the clips dry.  You can paint your nails while they dry.
  • Once they’re dry, wear them!


Mix and Match Your Clothes

Wear your clothes in a new way!  If you usually wear your yellow shirt with your pink shorts, why not wear them with your purple shorts next time?  I love to see how many different outfits I can make with my favorite clothes.

Here’s one of my favorite jackets from Target, in this pic I’m wearing it with a dress and a cool purse with my baba as we go to….TARGET!
Here’s the same jacket that I’ve paired with a black shirt and my cool star leggings. So stylish!


Wear Patterns

Be bold and wear a lot of patterns this spring.  Some of my favorite pattern trends right now are cacti, animals, and funny pictures of old things like record players!  My mom says that’s how people used to listen to music a long time ago.  Sometimes people still use them.  I also love big bows this spring. I have them in all different colors and think they look great paired with all my Spring clothes. 




I’m not going anywhere without my favorite sunglasses this spring and summer! I love to wear lots of cool accessories with my clothes.  Beside the hair clips that I made, here are a few other accessories that would look super pretty and handsome!

  • Sunglasses
  • Hair clips (like the ones we made), headbands, & hairbows
  • Bowties
  • Hats – bucket hats, baseball hats, floppy hats, any type of hat!
  • Flower crowns- I want one of these so bad! Its on my wishlist for my birthday in June!
  • Necklaces and bracelets with your favorite characters on them
I’m wearing one of my favorite pair of shades from Target and guess where I am ?!?! LOL.

That’s all for this time!  I hope you make your spring a fashionable one

xoxo, Olivia


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