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Adventures at Adventureland, LI

Everyone knows I LOVE Adventureland, Long Island! I have been going there since, well since so early my mom and dad have to tell me stories about it since I can’t remember back that far! When I was little, I was not able to speak and had trouble understanding things. A therapist suggested to my mom and dad to bring me to Adventureland, LI to help me understand people, places and things. And guess what, I LOVED it. Ever since then, I have been going every single Sunday (except when it rains).

You can easily spend a few hours exploring all of Adventureland. The park has a section just for kids in the front, and lots of rides for older kids and adults in the middle and the back. There is a cool arcade, outdoor games and a midway market. If you get hungry there are food options and snack stands throughout the park (and don’t forget the sweet shoppe towards the back of the park!).

I can give you a quick bit of history on Adventureland- it is located on Route 110 in Farmingdale, New York. It was first opened in 1962 (way before I was born!) and back then it only had 4 rides: the carousel, the train, Little Dipper Coaster and boats. Today, Adventureland features more than 30 rides and including The Ghost House (I will NOT go on that! I am so scared!), Lady Bug Roller Coaster, Adventure Falls Log Flume, the Wave Swings and it serves the best tacos (my mom thinks!)

I’m so little in this picture, this was taken in 2013
This ride is called the Kids Carousel. It is so much fun seeing all of the different cars and trucks and motorcycles.

Every Sunday, after family breakfast we head out to Adventureland, LI. I keep a calendar in my room so I know when they are open, and I check the websites for the times. I always know which rides I’m going to go on first. THE LADY BUG ROLLAR COASTER! It is my favorite. My mom or dad or Debbie have to ride with me but GUESS WHAT!?!?! This year, I am old enough to ride myself! Me and my friends like to meet and go on all the rides together. There are so many that we like sometimes it is hard to choose!

Here are my top favorite rides:

  • The Lady Bug Roller Coaster
  • Surf’s up!
  • Old Fashioned Cars
  • Drop ‘N Twist Tower

In fact, here’s a picture of me on the Drop ‘N Twist Tower, another ride I am able to go on all by myself the year in 2017!

Drop ‘N Twist Tower, get ready to get dizzy!

Every time we go to Advenutreland, I try and learn something new about the park. A great way to do that is by taking the train ride. This is a 10 minute ride that takes you all around the park, and it has signs along the way that tell you interesting facts. Like, did you know that the tracks that make up the train have over 2,000 rail ties?

Here are some more interesting facts about Advenutreland*

  • About 80 percent of Adventureland features LED lights and 20 percent feature low wattage bulbs. The park installed more than half a million LED bulbs and 488 solar panels since 2006. Since going green, Adventureland has produced enough energy to run a refrigerator for 103 years.
  • Adventureland actually has TWO mascots. Albert Adventureland, left, was the original mascot for the amusement park since the 1980s. The current mascot, Alfie Adventureland, right, joined the team for the park’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2012.
This image is from Adventureland
Alfie came to my birthday party last year!
  • Since the park opened in 1962, the Train Station has been relocated four times. It’s currently located in the middle of the park, across from the Music Express.
  • Adventureland was originally a six-acre broccoli, escarole and chicken farm. It was purchased by Alvin Cohen in 1960. I think it would have been an excellent way to get kids like me to eat their vegetables!!
  • Adventureland featured fireworks shows until the late 1970s. Guests enjoyed the fireworks so much that the shows had to be discontinued for safety reasons because the crowds grew so large, Route 110 had to be closed.

And here is the best fact of all:

  • In 2014, Adventureland launched the Helping Hands Foundation, which aims to help support the Long Island community through increasing awareness about local issues, supporting local initiatives and providing educational resources for community residents.
Source: Helping Hands

I love Adventureland for so many reasons, but knowing that it helps to give back to my community is the best. I am learning so much about giving back to my community in school, and I think maybe one day I can work at Adventureland and help them do this. But….. I think I would prefer riding all the rides everyday! 🙂

Me and my little brother had our birthday party here last year!

If you are ever planning a trip to Long Island I would highly recommend going to Adventureland. They have a website that can give you lots of great information. Maybe if you go on a Sunday I will see you there!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading,

xoxo Olivia

*Facts on Adventureland supplied by Newsday, NY

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